Karen is a highly experienced facilitator, readily engaging and building rapport with your team to achieve collaborative outcomes. Karen guides discussions that lead teams toward fruitful conclusions, ensuring that workshop objectives are achieved. She works with organisations to enable clarity and engagement of teams relating to a broad range of topics and business priorities. Workshops that Karen can be engaged to facilitate include:

Team Vision & Goals

Karen assists teams to create a clear vision for the future. Working collaboratively with groups, Karen ensures understanding and agreement of where teams are heading and how they plan to get there. Karen assists teams to identify the most important priorities and goals that need to be achieved in order to ensure their vision becomes a reality.  Through clarity and commitment Karen influences a team’s willingness and ability to hold themselves accountable for achieving their objectives.

Values & Behaviour

Karen works with leadership teams to identify the core values that underpin development of their desired culture. She helps them to articulate the key behaviours aligned to each value, thereby enabling leaders to set clear expectations, lead by example and hold themselves and their team accountable to behaving in ways that enable business success.

Team Building

As an accredited facilitator of the Team Management Systems (TMS) assessment suite, Karen guides teams to a deeper level of understanding of their individual work preferences and how they work together as a group. These workshops give participants the opportunity to understand how to leverage the strengths that they bring as well as areas in which they may not have strength or appropriate focus. Karen helps individuals to discover what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what they need in order to successfully achieve outcomes.


Understanding the concepts underpinning the TMS profile will not only provide participants with a deeper understanding of their own approaches to work, but will also improve their ability to work in line with the work styles and preferences of team members and other colleagues. 

Business Strategy & Planning

Leveraging her General Management experience, Karen guides senior leadership teams to clearly articulate their vision for the organisation’s future, with the end result being a road map for success. Karen enables an understanding of strategic priorities and ways in which competitive advantage and the strength of teams can be leveraged to achieve great outcomes. Business strategy and planning workshops can be customised to the needs of each organisation. Typically workshops are aimed at identifying and documenting:

  • The organisation’s vision for the next 3-5 years

  • Goals that need to be achieved to realise the vision

  • Strategic priorities to support achievement of goals

  • Obstacles and challenges likely to impact the organisation’s approach and ability to achieve

  • Strengths and opportunities to be leveraged

  • Roles and responsibilities including accountability for delivering agreed outcomes

Change Planning

Karen can be engaged to work with your leadership teams to develop the plans needed to ensure appropriate people management strategies, practices and policies are in place to successfully drive change.

Through a series of workshops, Karen supports senior leadership teams to drive transformational change, by helping them to:

  • Clarify reality and the need for change

  • Build a vision for the future

  • Identify potential champions for change

  • Identify the key stakeholders and effectively engage them

  • Develop a results based strategy for change

Karen can also be engaged to facilitate workshops aimed at supporting individuals and teams through times of substantial change. Key areas of focus include:

  • How people respond to change

  • Phases of change – observable behavioural traits

  • Why we resist change and what we can do to positively influence our own thoughts and feelings

  • The role each person plays to lead change for those around you

  • How to recognise the characteristics of people that support and assist change

Karen is able to work with organisations to enable clarity and engagement of teams relating to a broad range of business priorities. For further information please call us on (03) 9670 6711 or contact us online